Bowie Eastern Massage Techniques

Bowie Eastern Massage Techniques

Eastern massage therapy techniques offer a healing approach that is rooted in energy balancing within the body as opposed to Western therapeutic massage which primarily focuses on the physical source of an ailment. With a long history that has developed over thousands of years, Eastern massage techniques still consider the physical aspects of a condition, but primarily as they relate to the subtle life force energy that moves through the human body. A Woman's Touch Therapeutic Massage offers a range of Eastern based massage therapy services to the people of Bowie.

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Shiatsu massage therapy


Reiki is a Japanese therapy technique that promotes deep relaxation and stress relief as the basis for healing of many types of ailments. Administered with the hands that never actually touch the body; Reiki treatments focus on directing a balanced energy flow to naturally stimulate the body’s immune system. The licensed Reiki practitioners at A Woman's Touch Therapeutic Massage work on affected areas and despite the absence of actual physical contact, individuals report feeling a tingling sensation followed by a significant decrease in pain and accompanying symptoms. An entirely holistic practice, Reiki offers many benefits to both the mind and body that include increased energy and an overall sense of well-being. Visit or call our center to learn more about how Reiki treatments can help your condition.

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